Growing up in Truckee, California I was always a lover of nature and art. I write, paint, draw, read, create, train animals, love, photograph, wander, lose, win, relax, panic, reward, let go…the list can go on and on about me through words. Raising awareness about animals, nature, people with disabilities, etcetera, are all things I would love to put out into the world via my expression of art and words. I currently train service dogs and am obtaining a Deaf Studies Certificate soon, because of my passion for ASL and Deaf culture. I’m a college student (soon to be in my Masters) that has seen good and bad all over the world, but strive to better it in any way (minuscule or greater) that I can with my life. I want to pursue life, riding along all of my many passions: Poetry, Stories, Conversations, Music, Film…

I want to one day be recognized by my efforts and accomplishments, even if after the time has come for the earth to claim me again.

This is a place I want to be myself and simply grow and flourish.

Skål (Cheers)