I Am Forgotten

I am a slate blue iris

Billowing sea smoke

A borderless shape

An unfixed figure

Ever sweeping, ever stretching

   Crawling and seeping beneath



I am the murmur of a creek

A masqued creature,

Concealed as the world wanders past

I am a mellowing hum, held in the earth’s breath

A detached, unbiased number between first and last

I am the stuttering Chevy

The dust-coated chair

The last picked berry

The soft strumming mandolin

I am soused Inverness

Dew on a web

An outstretching aspen, where

The fronds are my aura

Exposing my spirit

I am fearful of light

The sun


The night is my ally

The moon

The dark

There are words hiding behind my eyes

I am simultaneous

I am sympathy

I am remembered

I am forgotten



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